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ประมวลภาพ "3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Process Chains"


Here is an overview of the key events in 2016, if you have an event you would like to list on this page then please contact info@mentel.co.th with the relevant information. >>>>



3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Process Chains


Measuring systems from GOM are used in stamping, bending, drawing, pressing, and forming process chains to guarantee consistent quality assurance: from determining the sheet metal properties, via accelerating tool-try-out and first article inspection, up to series accompanying production control and trend analysis. >>>>



GOM Corelate


01/2016GOM Correlate is the evaluation software for 3D testing supporting both digital image correlation (DIC) as well as 3D motion analysis. The software allows the analysis of displacement and strain and delivers detailed reports with diagrams and videos. >>>>






A robot makes the optical 3D capture and high-precision analysis of large chassis components possible for the first time. >>>>




ATOS Professional


ATOS Professional is a process-safe software solution that controls the ATOS 3D digitizer and produces precise 3D surface data. The powerful
software and the ATOS 3D digitizer are designed to work seamlessly and 3D data is available directly after fringe projection. Single scans are automatically combined using a process-safe workflow based on a combination of reference points and surface matching. >>>>



TRITOP Professional


TRITOP Professional software is used to analyze the high-resolution images produced by the TRITOP measurement system. Features such as reference points, contrast lines and adapters are determined quickly and accurately, and displayed in the software including the calculated 3D coordinates. The TRITOP measurement system and the matching software can be used to measure and inspect not only small components but also larger parts such as are used in the construction of trains, ships and wind power units. >>>>





In view of the growing complexity of shapes and functions, the scanning, analysis andinspection tasks for small parts are fast gaining importance. Therefore, GOM has developed  the ATOS Core which is optimized for the3D measurement of small to medium-sized components such as ceramic cores,cast and plastic parts. The 3D scanner is used in development, quality assurance and production to reduce time and costs. >>>>



ATOS ScanBox


The ATOS ScanBox is a plug-and-play measuring cell for fully automated 3D digitizing and inspection. The ATOS ScanBox combines optimized industrial components, mobility and highest safety in an off-the-shelf 3D measuring machine. >>>>




HD5-1580x585The portable TRITOP system measures coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system. It does not require any complex, heavy and maintenance-intensive hardware.  >>>>



Military Product

In the Military division, as an Official Defense Product Supplier to the Ministry of Defense, our company produces the shooting control devices (Panoramic Telescope, Telescope, Elbow Telescopes and many others) for a 105mm, 155mm, 106mm, 81mm, 60mm artillery to supply them to the Korean military. >>>>