GOM Correlate

01/2016 GOM Correlate is the evaluation software for 3D testing supporting both digital image correlation (DIC) as well as 3D motion analysis. The software allows the analysis of displacement and strain and delivers detailed reports with diagrams and videos.

Digital Image Correlationnews-gom-correlate_01_e18eff0e5f

Digital image correlation (DIC) is an optical non-contact method to measure 3D coordinates for the 
evaluation of deformation, such as displacement and strain, for a wide range of applications in materials research and component testing. Thus, DIC enables an analytical investigation of the complex behavior of any test object.

3D Motion and Deformation Analysisnews-gom-correlate_04_7b3df3e93e

Analysis of motion and deformation is carried out using a component concept. Points are divided into coherentgroups and defined as components. Transformations or corrections to rigid body movements can then be calculated for these components. 6DoF analysis can be applied to determine the translation and rotation movements in all directions. Vector fields then
help visualize point movements and deformation over time.

Free Evaluation Softwarenews-gom-correlate_03_c242eff6a2

All data created in GOM Correlate Professional and ARAMIS Professional is bundled in one single file.
The free GOM Correlate software provides access to all measuring results, which leads to an improved interaction between the departments responsible for measurement, analysis, design and development. Measuring data can be discussed and decisions can be taken faster.