Material Management for EOS Polymer Systems

Improve Workflow, Reduce Costs: With EOS IPCM P plus and the Modular Unpacking and Sieving Station EOS offers various product solutions for a more flexible and efficient material management

IPCM P plus

Easy and efficient Additive Manufacturing – Handle large polymer material volumes in a quick and safe way.


  • Dosing, refreshing, homogenization and conditioning (humidification) of powder material
  • Enables traceability of powder batches
  • Transport to and conveying into the laser sintering system
  • Sealed, contamination-free storage of the refreshed powder
  • Benefits of Material Management using IPCM P plus

  • e-Manufacturing: IPCM P plus ensures constant and repeatable powder quality throughout the entire production process
  • Reduced cost per part: Precise dosing and in-situ powder qualification make material savings possible
  • Improved quality assurance:Powder batches can be traced thus meeting the requirements of quality-focussed industries
  • Environmentally friendly: Humidification of powder in Mixing & Qualification Station through in-line control; No energy-intensive and costly external solutions needed
  • Easy installation and minimum risk of powder-contamination: Powder remains in protected environment at all time
  • Modular approach provides highest capacity and expandability: Each additional system requires only one additional Docking Station