01/2016 Webinar – Customizable Checks

On February 17, 2016, GOM is offering another V8 SR1 training webinar.

01/2016  New Software Release from GOM: V8 SR1

The new version offers innovations for 3D measurements, 3D inspections and automated measurings.

01/2016  The news about Scanbox 7160 

A small robot makes the optical 3D capture and high-precision analysis of large chassis components possible for the first time. 

 Details inside The Second Asian Conference on Defence Technology & The First Pacific Rim International Workshop (ACDT 2016)

Association of Defence Technology Institute defense technology. (ITD), in cooperation with research institutes and educational institutions.

21/01/2016 Toyota Tsusho private show 3rd TTMET 2016

Details inside.