Xradia Context microCT

ZEISS Xradia Context is a large field-of-view, non-destructive 3D X-ray micro-computed tomography system with a robust stage and flexible software-controlled source/detector positioning.

ZEISS Xradia Context is a large field-of-view, non-destructive 3D X-ray micro-computed tomography system. With a robust stage and flexible software-controlled source/detector positioning, you can image large, heavy (25 kg), and tall samples in their full 3D context, as well as small samples with high resolution and detail.

Obtain 3D data on entire intact electronic components, large raw materials samples, or biological specimens.
Perform non-destructive failure analysis to identify internal defects without cutting your sample or workpiece.
Characterize and quantify performance-defining heterogeneities in your materials, like porosity, cracks, inclusions, defects, or multiple phases.
Perform 4D evolutionary studies, through ex situ treatment or in situ sample manipulation.
Connect to the ZEISS correlative microscopy environment and perform nondestructive 3D imaging to identify regions of interest for subsequent high resolution 2D or 3D electron microscopy imaging.

Full context 3D imaging

Resolve fine details in their full 3D context, even within a relatively large imaging volume with a high pixel density detector of six megapixels.
Maximize geometric magnification with small samples to identify and characterize micron-scale structures with high contrast and clarity.
Mount and align your specimens rapidly or expand your system with an optional Autoloader for automated handling and sequential scanning of up to 14 samples.
Take advantage of a streamlined acquisition workflow fast exposure times and data reconstruction.
Achieve up to 10X faster with image quality

Based on proven Xradia platform

With Xradia context microCT you benefit of years of development as it is built upon the same base platform as the Xradia Versa series.
Profit from a system targeted at ensuring stability, advances in high resolution, high quality data acquisition and reconstruction.
The user-friendly Scout-and-Scan control system provides you with an efficient workflow environment.
Perform 4D studies to measure changes in the microstructure of materials under varying conditions.

Convertible to X-ray microscopy (XRM)
As your imaging needs evolve, so should your instrument: Xradia Context now joins the ZEISS X-ray imaging portfolio, benefiting from ZEISS’s ongoing commitment to extend the capabilities and functionality of its systems in the field.
This opens up 3D tomographic imaging that’s ready to grow with your needs – Your Xradia Context microCT is the only microCT that can be converted at any time to a ZEISS Xradia 5XX Versa 3D X-ray microscope (XRM).
Add the in situ Interface Kit and load stages to investigate material evolution in 4D.
Add FPX (flat panel extension) for flexibility and performance in spatial resolution and advanced contrast and acquisition methods.

Technical Specifications