Xradia Ultra

The Xradia Ultra family of nanoscale X-ray microscopes is the only commercially available X-ray microscope that utilizes synchrotron quality X-ray optics and provides true spatial resolution down to <50 nm and minimum achievable voxels of 16nm.

ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra
Extending the Reach and Value of Non-destructive Nanoscale Imaging
Explore at the Speed of Science

Achieve spatial resolution down to 50 nm with ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra X-ray microscope, the highest among lab-based X-ray imaging systems. Experience unparalleled performance and flexibility with the non-destructive 3D imaging that plays a vital role in today’s breakthrough research. The innovative Xradia Ultra architecture, with unique X-ray optics adapted from synchrotron technology, features absorption and phase contrast. Now with energy at 5.4 keV you can increase the throughput of your nanoscale imaging by up to a factor of 10. Achieve even better contrast and image quality for medium to low Z samples with the lower energy of Xradia 810 Ultra. Expect to accomplish advanced in situ and 4D capabilities for studying structural evolution over time and under varying conditions. Extend the limits of exploration with 3D X-ray imaging for materials research, life sciences, natural resources, and diverse industrial applications.

ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra
Synchrotron-like performance in the lab

With the ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra X-ray microscope, achieve spatial resolution down to 50 nm, the highest among lab-based X-ray imaging systems. With non-destructive 3D imaging playing a vital role in today’s breakthrough research, you will experience unparalleled performance in an ultra-high resolution lab-based system. The innovative Xradia Ultra architecture features absorption and phase contrast imaging modes and X-ray energy of 8 keV, using unique optics adapted from the synchrotron. With Xradia 800 Ultra, expect to accomplish unrivaled in situ and 4D capabilities for studying material evolution over time and extend the limits of X-ray imaging used in materials science, life sciences, natural resources, and diverse industrial applications.

Technical Specifications Xradia 810 Ultra & Xradia 800 Ultra
ZEISS Xradia Synchrotron Family

Achieve energy-tunable ultra-high resolution 3D imaging at your synchrotron
ZEISS Xradia Synchrotron solutions bring nanoscale X-ray imaging to your synchrotron facility, enabling you to forgo costly and time consuming in-house development. Proprietary X-ray optics and a proven 3D X-ray microscopy platform leverage the ultra-bright, tunable X-ray beams available at modern synchrotron facilities. Achieve fast non-destructive 3D imaging with resolution <30 nm with a variety of contrast modes. The Xradia Synchrotron family includes 3D imaging microscopes coverage a wide energy range from soft to hard X-rays.


Xradia 800 Synchrotron: Hard X-ray nanotomography
3D tomographic imaging with X-rays provides detailed volumetric data of internal structures without the need for cutting or sectioning at the region of interest. Operating in the 5-11 keV energy range, Xradia 800 Synchrotron images a wide range of samples including battery and fuel cell electrodes, catalysts, and soft and hard tissue with resolution <30 nm. Xradia 800 Synchrotron is ideally suited for advanced techniques such as XANES spectro-microscopy for 3D chemical mapping and in situ imaging to enable you to study materials under real operating conditions.

Xradia 825 Synchrotron: Soft X-ray nanotomography
3D tomographic imaging in the soft X-ray range, including the water window up to about 2.5 keV, is ideally suited for structural imaging of whole cells and tissue. Cryogenic sample handling enables you to image in a frozen hydrated state, minimizing effects of radiation damage while maintaining the sample as close to its natural state as possible. Further applications include chemical state mapping of both organic and inorganic materials and imaging of magnetic domains.

Technical Specifications