Xradia Versa

The Xradia Versa family of submicron XRM uses patented X-ray detectors within a microscope objective turret to enable increased magnification on various sample types and sizes, and push spatial resolution down to 500 nm with minimum achievable voxels of <40 nm.

ZEISS Xradia 610 and 620 Versa

Move beyond exploration to achieve your moments of discovery.

     Unlock new degrees of versatility for your scientific and industrial research with the most advanced 3D X-ray microscope models in the ZEISS Xradia Versa family.

     Building on industry-best resolution and contrast, ZEISS Xradia 610 & 620 Versa expand the boundaries of your non-destructive sub-micron scale imaging.

Extending the Limits of Micro- and Nano-CT Solutions

Non-destructive sub-micron scale microscopy of intact samples
Higher flux and faster scans without compromising resolution
True spatial resolution of 500 nm with a minimum achievable voxel size of 40 nm
High resolution across a broad range of sample types, sizes, and working distances
In situ imaging for non-destructive characterization of microstructures in controlled environments and over time
Upgradeable and extendible with future innovations and developments
Throughput with image quality

ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa

Break the one micron resolution barrier with this X-ray microscope for 3D imaging and in situ / 4D investigations.

Use the combination of resolution and contrast with flexible working distances to extend the power of non-destructive imaging in your lab.

Benefit from its architecture that uses a two-stage magnification technique to achieve submicron resolution at a distance (RaaD). Reducing dependence upon geometric magnification maintains submicron resolution even at large working distances.

Enjoy versatility even at large working distances from the source – from millimeters to centimeters.

Perform 3D Imaging for soft or low-Z materials with advanced absorption and innovative phase contrast
✓ Achieve world-leading resolution at flexible working distances beyond the limits of projection-based micro-CT
Resolve submicrometer-scaled features for diverse sample sizes
Extend non-destructive imaging in your lab with an in situ / 4D solution
Investigate materials in native-like environments over time
Throughput with image quality

ZEISS Xradia 410 Versa

Bridge the Gap in Lab-Based Non-Destructive Submicron Microscopy

Xradia 410 Versa bridges the gap between high-performing X-ray microscopes and less powerful computed tomography (CT) systems. Delivering non-destructive 3D imaging with industry best resolution, contrast, and in situ capabilities, Xradia 410 Versa enables you to achieve groundbreaking research for the widest range of sample sizes. Enhance imaging workflows with this powerful, cost-efficient “workhorse” solution, even in diverse lab environments.

Industry-leading 4D and In Situ Capabilities for Flexible Sample Sizes and Types

Xradia 410 Versa X-ray microscope delivers cost-efficient, flexible 3D imaging to enable you to address a wide range of samples and research environments. Non-destructive X-ray imaging preserves and extends the use of your valuable samples over time. The instrument achieves 0.9 μm true spatial resolution with minimum achievable voxel size of 100 nm. Advanced absorption and phase contrast (for soft or low-Z materials) provide you with more versatility to overcome the limitations of traditional computed tomography (CT) approaches.

Xradia Versa solutions extend scientific research beyond the limits of projection-based micro- and nano-CT systems. Where traditional tomography relies on a single stage of geometric magnification, Xradia 410 Versa features a unique two-stage process based on synchrotron-caliber optics. It is easy to use, with flexible contrast. Breakthrough Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) enables you to maintain submicron resolution across a broad spectrum of sample dimensions in native environments and within a wide range of in situ rigs. Non-destructive multi-length scale capabilities allow you to image the same sample across a wide range of magnifications, making it possible to uniquely characterize the evolution of material microstructure properties between sequential treatments (4D) or as they are subjected to simulated environmental conditions (in situ).

Additionally, the Scout-and-Scan control system enables an efficient workflow environment with recipe-based set-up that makes Xradia 410 Versa easy for users with a wide variety of experience levels.