Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Automated Production Quality Control with GOM Metrology

More than 20 automated and manual GOM systems are in use at the new Volkswagen plant in Września. Production quality for the VW Crafter is ensured using ground-breaking measuring technology in an optical measuring room on 5,400 m².


Volkswagen’s new plant in Poland, which was officially opened in 2016, is a role model for European transporter construction. Exclusively made-to-measure solutions are produced using state-of-the-art technologies. Volkswagen achieves this largely through automation in the assembly lines and the paint shop. In order to ensure the quality for the resulting equipment variants, an extensive optical measuring room was included in the construction plan of this highly modern facility. Everything is designed to measure the commercial vehicles, which are up to seven meters long and almost three meters tall.

The inspection of assembly modules and body shells through to completely painted car bodies is primarily carried out using automated GOM metrology systems. ATOS sensors in combination with dedicated software are used for full-field 3D geometry checks based on surface comparison between nominal and actual data.

One reason for VW’s decision to rely on optical metrology is the completeness of results as well as their quality. Additionally, the measuring systems are easy to use and do not require too much training compared to conventional solutions. For Volkswagen, optical metrology represents the path to the future.

The complete application note is availables as PDF :  file_pdf_download-128


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