ATOS ScanBox – Optical 3D Measuring Machine

The ATOS ScanBox is a plug-and-play measuring cell for fully automated 3D digitizing and inspection. The ATOS ScanBox combines optimized industrial components, mobility and highest safety in an off-the-shelf 3D measuring machine.

ATOS is the most innovative optical measuring system for three-dimensional coordinate measurement on the market. ATOS measures different object sizes, surface finishes, and complexities giving versatility to 3D digitizing by delivering:
  • Accurate 3D coordinates and high data quality
  • Full-field deviation to CAD, 2D and part-to-part
  • Section-based analysis, GD&T and trend analysis
  • Complete measuring reports

Coordinate Measurement Machine

The ATOS ScanBox is an optical 3D measuring machine with a comparable investment Capture3volume to traditional CMMs. However The ATOS ScanBox delivers full-field surface measurement of small to large parts, easy to understand result visualizations, simple problem finding, and complete reporting.

Ready to Operate

The complete plug & play solution incorporates everything required for automated digitizing and inspection, no additional planning investment is necessary. All that is required on site is a single power socket.

ATOS – Industrial 3D Scanner

The built-in ATOS optical 3D scanner with integrated photogrammetry includes GOM’s proven Triple Scan and Blue Light Technology. This new technology enables even higher detailed feature capture with faster measurement times for various part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries, regardless of environmental lighting conditions.

Small footprint with large possibilities

Although the ATOS ScanBox only requires 11 m² floor space it is possible to measure parts up to 2 m. The ATOS ScanBox is also available in a smaller variation requiring only 5 m² for measuring smaller parts, and a larger version designed for simple crane and forklift loading of parts and components up to 3 m.

Mobile, automated quality control

The mobile, industrial ATOS ScanBox is quickly setup and requires no fixings to the factory floor or Capture4
special measuring plates. The ATOS ScanBox can easily be transported from plant to plant or location to location thus supporting production ramp up or new product launches.

Complete solution, one single source

GOM’s ATOS ScanBox is a complete solution from one single source; hardware, software, support, safety, documentation, … the result is a completely integrated solution using only proven, reliable industrial components, which have been specially optimized to work perfectly with each other.

Short delivery times

GOM’s production setup allows delivery and installation of the ATOS ScanBox within a few weeks. Its setup does not require additional on-site planning. It features a complete declaration of conformity, documentation, training and world-wide local support, reducing implementation times and running costs.